Is it, Though?

22 thoughts on “Is it, Though?”

  1. I am curious who the young man is in the photo. Is that a typo “hard by the hard ” or is that how your Mom said it? Either way, yard or hard, it works. I think it is so important, when I say I am “fine” to take pause and ask how I really am. Sometimes I am walking down the street and out of the blue my inner voice will ask, “How am I?” and I know it is time to take stock and responding with “fine” or “ok” just doesn’t cut it. when you mentioned Acceptance, I thought of the three A’s: Awareness, Acceptance and Action.” I am blessed to have friends and support of people who will listen when I really say how I am. Thank you, Jen, for writing this post.

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    1. Hi Jane. Thanks for catching my typo. It’s ‘by the yard,’ for sure. 🙂 The young man’s image came from Google Images. He just looked like he fit because of his pose.

      Love the three A’s Jane. They certainly fit your process. Readers that enjoy reading comments will appreciate your mention of them too.

      Oooh. Being blessed with supportive friends, and others is the best. Thanks for always sharing such wonderful/reflective comments. Much appreciated!🤗


  2. Fab, your mothers saying is great i have never heard it before. I think in life we have waves where we are really fine and other times fine is just pushing through. I find gratitude, affirmations , meditation and journaling get me from the pushing through fine to fine. Sure life is hard and acceptance is the key. But faith in life and myself to cope and the company of Divine makes it easier. And so do posts like this one. Enjoyable read. Have a great Thursday.

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  3. That’s a beautiful saying of your mother’s. I like how you broke this down so beautifully. Sometimes I use these words just to escape any further pressing and realise that I escape the same too. The lesser I press to ask myself this the lesser I get out of my funk. ReAlly a great insight 👌

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  4. I love this post …I have made a long post on this in the past but I truly enjoyed yours for how grounded yet full of lightness your message is 🙂 You always make me smile. I love how your mother said it, it is so wise. Lately I answered saying “I don’t know how to answer that” or ‘Interesting” in an attempt to be truthful. I also love how you say it is about acceptance that can keep it truthful.

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    1. One of my respondents mentioned “Awareness” as being the 1st order of business. “Acceptance,” 2nd, and “Action,” 3rd. The three A’s. Pretty cool right?! Oh I love it when we all put on our thinking caps. 😊

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  5. Thank you for another candid post – it comes when I am telling people I’m “okay” but really I am feeling down inside. I am not in crisis, but I am having a moment. My medicine is to sit with and “cradle” my discomfort, and take long walks along the lake. “It beez that way, sometime”! Is this what you mean by acceptance?

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    1. I believe “acceptance “ is a process. Once we’ve practiced it, we can easily apply when, where, and how needed. I appreciate you sharing your process, especially your ‘long walks around the lake,’ in what I suspect is a meditative style.

      It’s these moments that help us expand our awareness, accept how we’re actually feeling, then act to process our way up and back out into the 💡.

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  6. I wrote something similar last year! I agree that we should all say more than “fine” or “good,” but I also contend that most…many? people do not really want to hear it. We’ve been so conditioned to ask as if it’s a greeting that rarely do we stop to really hear or see how the person is doing.

    I, on the other hand, usually give a real answer lol and I’ve noticed it’s not always appreciated. People want me to say, “fine,” so they can get on with their day :-/

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    1. I suspect most do too, but thankfully, not all. I usually answer a “How you doin’” with a quick “Fine” (‘cause if I’m out & about, I am), then ask them the ? right back.

      However, my retort usually nets some real truthful 1,2,3 seconds worth of answers which, I personally don’t mind listening to.

      It’s kinda like waiting for the light to change. If one would time it, -although when in a hurry it may seem longer, -in reality, it’s merely seconds. A modicum of kindness takes about the same.

      If more people considered extending this, our world might experience faster changes too!😊

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