Truth Moment Monday!

16 thoughts on “Truth Moment Monday!”

    1. Interesting response Billy Mac. I came away thinking how imperfect we are, and how we’d find another dumbass way to make an oops. Either way, we’d hopefully take responsibility for it, and above all, learn from it!🤔


    1. Eek 😬 Gads! You think so, repeat it more than once? Jeepers, how the heck would that serve us? You’re right though about being ‘given the same choices.’ Personally, that’s why I prefer “new & different.”

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  1. Some interesting food for thought…Personally, I would hope that I would make different decisions! There are actions I have taken that I regretted afterwards. I think that knowing the consequences of at least some of those decisions would encourage me to make different decisions! God Bless!

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    1. Food for thought is spot on! Maybe, BEFORE making decisions we mentally chew on them for awhile. Possible consequences may smack the taste from our mouths, and the thoughts from our heads, so we don’t want that meal on our plates. Uh ugh 😑!!!

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  2. Interesting thoughts and questions. I agree there is no escape from consequences. But if I try to imagine them before taking action – would they be either worry or optimism, depending on how I look at it? Perhaps then I would want to be more attentive to my actions and how they feel.

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    1. Looking wholly, fully, and intentionally, whether imagining or no, is so key 🔑. If there’s any way to be/get/feel, better informed ahead of hindsight 20/20, please clue me in!🥴

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  3. Well, if you asked me at the age of 14, probably would not have changed a thing. My cause/effect intelligence was not functioning at a high level. A good reminder to think things through, although I have made some impulsive decisions as an adult that have worked out, others have definitely not. You used the word, “intentionally.” Although you may not have meant it in the same way, I find it very wise to think of what my intentions are as well as mindfully examine the situation. Wishing you a blessed week.

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    1. So…depending, you might go with your original decision anyway. I applaud your tenacity. 👏🏾

      Sometimes, the only way to get where we really want to go, or rather feel we just gotta go, we prepare ourselves to deal with the “no matter what’s” on the other side. 😑

      It sounds like a “survival-mode” decision to me, but I remember when I had to make a few of those myself, just so I could get to the business of living. So…I ain’t judging!🤪

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