Motherhood and White Carnations!

13 thoughts on “Motherhood and White Carnations!”

    1. Yes, most of them are pretty swell. All of them got us here. I never carried for nine months. I adopted. I can only imagine the process of conception & delivery. What I do have some inkling about is the length of time, lifestyle changes, and in some cases the toll that whole process takes. Mother’s deserve a huge thanks for at the very least getting us started on our paths!

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  1. I join with you to celebrate our mothers and the mother in us. There is always something that we could do better but mothers do their best possible with what is best available in them and to them. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your entire post and the quotes. It deepened my perception of motherhood.

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    1. 😊This post certainly has lots to say about motherhood doesn’t it, and like you, the many voices that contributed expanded my perception of one of the most blessed careers on the planet.💖

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