Truth Moment Monday!

19 thoughts on “Truth Moment Monday!”

  1. It is best to walk away and say a prayer for them, because they (the people being miserable) sometimes are looking for a fight and may have some hurt that makes them want to lash out. I do not always respond well and can be miserable myself but really? Not worth it.

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    1. Yes! Kindness is such a misery diffuser for sure, and hopefully we gift ourselves as well. Dancing 💃. My kitchen floor can attest to my love 😍 of dancing! I also dig nature. Walking is a great way to ground ourselves. Good share. 🙏

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  2. I simply can’t afford to be anymore wonky than I am already – I loved this statement haha 🙂
    I love how you tackle this topic in your unique way – felt light to me, what otherwise would take me into exploring with my habitual intensity.
    I have used audios to replace my thoughts, consumed quotes as my nourishment for mind, heart and soul. It seems to me life is about just that – a relentless pursuit of joy, wanting to put away layers and layers of what brings misery, even if other people are involved, it comes back to being our personal journey of how much we are able to walk away, let go or stand up for ourselves.

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  3. Hey Sparkyjen, there’s a saying “pain is inevitable, misery is optional.” We can choose to bear our pain with God’s grace, but sometimes it’s just plain difficult to do. Listening to friends in the midst of their miseries is a gift. Talking it out to compassionate hearts can lift the ‘I am so alone’ burden & make the difference between enduring pain with grace vs. misery. (Prayer is also a REALLY good idea!) 🙏💝🙏

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    1. I love 💗 the saying. Wouldn’t you agree however that a little pain builds character? Misery is so dismal, but on occasion tests mettle. 😜 Then there’s Grace. My favorite! Yes, prayer is also REALLY good, as is FAITH that it REALLY works.✨ Happy Mid-week Virginia.🤗

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  4. Wonderful post. Staying Wonky is not helpful to ourselves or those we live with. Sometimes, we have to have a moment of wonkiness and then shake it off. I had some bad news last Friday, though I am still a bit wonky. The way I get out of it is to say there is benefit in everything, sometimes it takes a bit o time to see it.

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    1. Ohhhh, sometimes it can take years to fully see, and or embrace our benefits. I often feel their actually blessings in disguise. We could actually be saved from ourselves, others, or situations in general. Hopefully, what appears as ‘bad news’ also has some modicum of good in it. Highest and Best!✨

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  5. I meditate. And when I feel really down I meditate even more. Reciting the mantra you feel powerful in that particular situation occupies the majority of my meditation time.
    To me this was and is the only solution! 👋😊🤗

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