Heavenly Good Ribs!

16 thoughts on “Heavenly Good Ribs!”

  1. American Bar B Q (southern states) is famous, I want to experience that. It seems that what you eat with it is equally important: corn on the cob, lemonade, baked beans with molasses, potato salad. Just corn on the cob would be great. We had a place called Smokey Joe’s with different kinds of ribs and sauces. The meat fell off the bone but they are closed now.There was a chain restaurant, I won’t even mention their name, they were a well-known but quality has steadily gone down over the years. The last time I went there the first couple of bites were good because I was really hungry, but then it was dry and tough. I told the waitress and she said they ordered from a different company but offered no solutions and I told her it was dry and tough, like it had been overcooked or re-cooked. It was over $22, she offered no replacement, thus got a minimal tip and I haven’t gone back . Smokehouse BBQ gave me 4 ribs with cornbread and fries, all delicious but would have liked more ribs and less sides. Cost 25 They have a food truck, will try that.

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    1. Jane, American Bar-B-Q does sound delicious, especially with all the fixings. Darn that Smokey Joe’s for closing. Nowadays, if a place, chain or otherwise lowers their standards, their door will soon close. Too many other options, including grabbing a few recipes off the Internet, and mentoring the cooks ourselves. They also seemed a bit pricey, but you may have also been paying for the storefront itself. No worries there with Bar-B-Que Heaven. πŸ’° and Carry only! Here’s hoping you fare better with the food truck. Hopefully they have one of those barrel grills on the outside smokin’ the ribs up β€˜fer β€˜ya!πŸ˜‹


  2. Somehow, reading this, my face and fingertips are starting to feel sticky with smoky grilled sauce and my hairline has a thin film of sweat! I love ribs tips; have never heard of turkey ribs; and would love to see the photo of 5-year-old you greasing on some Q!

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    1. 🀣 So, we love our ribs tips all sauced up, yes? Yes! Leslie turkey ribs are new to me as well. I suspect this joint wanted to offer their customers something new after so many years. I’m not sure I would fancy them as much, but I would try.

      My beloved foster mommy could burn. Q was just one of her many sauced up culinary delights I greased on. This emoticon is the closest visual I can offer. πŸ˜‹

      Is there a comparable joint up your way that can smoke some good Q? If so, please share. 😊

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    1. Thanks Eric for helping me to share my post with other readers. I also appreciate hopping by the other features you offer. We have some really great bloggers here at WordPress. Blogging Meetup is a gem for bringing us closer together!!! πŸ™‚


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