Let it Be!

15 thoughts on “Let it Be!”

  1. Thank-you for sharing some background to this song, Jen. That added a new dimension to it. I know it is hard advice to receive when you are feeling low, but if we could incorporate this wisdom into our thoughts, it could be easier. Like you said, when Paul felt crappy, that effected everyone around him. Have a great week!

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    1. Ash, imagine me just walking around the house, then pop 💥 a new blog idea 💡 occurs to me out of no where. I rush to write it down, especially the 1st lines or two before it gets away. Then, I let it be until I can find my images, and hopefully eek out the rest of it.

      Sometimes my 8/11 sheet is chocked full. Not every idea makes the cut though, but I’m glad I get them anyway. At my age, keeping my mind sharp is 🔑.

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      1. We all have our process, don’t we? I like how this shines a little light on yours. It’s crazy how some of our ideas sit dormant until we feel they are ready for the world and some which may not, but we let it be anyway. It’s a huge part of creating. Age is just a number…keep on being you, Jen.

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    1. Wendy, ‘Unfold’ is a dandy word to use in this context. I get an instant visual. 🤩 Make the positive force ✨ of our illustrious Universe take you safely where you want to go this and every week.


    1. Leslie have you ever tried laughing 😝 your more habitual bothers into oblivion? Better yet, how would those bothers sound to an audience if you were doing stand-up? Pick ‘em up one by one, and let ‘em fly. Just curious! 🤔

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    1. It’s not always easy, and maybe there are a few exceptions. Yet, the weight of carrying too much around (that we refuse to let go) makes letting something be a must, if for no other reason than instantly feeling lighter!😉

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