Truth Moment Monday!

18 thoughts on “Truth Moment Monday!”

    1. 😝 Doesn’t getting started depend on what you specifically need/want to get started doing?🤔 I’ll bet you rev up your engine in a NY minute for a number of particulars. Know I do!😌

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  1. Yes I agree! Don’t quit! If I may share – Right now there’s something I am yet to quit on for a long time now – I am not wobbly but I am getting a bit volcanic about it with emotional eruptions, if that makes sense. And I am not happy with myself about it. Recommitting to my intention to proceed more consciously.


    1. I suspect that you are now struggling with the “legitimacy” of something, while recommitting to your intention, which is key. We must also be correct when deciding if a thing is of service to us, and if we can bring our whole self to it. If not, may I suggest you place your intention elsewhere. Personally, I wouldn’t call it quitting, I’d call moving to more solid ground!

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      1. Ah! I am going to let that work through me, while I allow myself way out of the thick of it. I see it more as my commitment and not a pursuit, so the choice has to come through me instead of myself making any. Thank you.

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