OK Sparky…What’s the Catch?

10 thoughts on “OK Sparky…What’s the Catch?”

    1. 🥺 I had a feeling that one would ping. It’s paradoxical for sure.🥺 Here’s a thought 💭. When a person is taking courses to get a 📜 in something, I believe also becoming an apprentice, an intern, being mentored by someone who’s already been there helps to chock up 🕰 hours of experience. Looks good anyways!

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  1. I loved reading the collection of Catch 22s. Here’s one that I can think of – a lot of life needs to happen deeply for me to write truly, and then I do need to write to live this life deeply! I am working my way through this one 🙂

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    1. LOL. Kay, this is what I find so fascinating about Catch-22’s. You wouldn’t think that ‘getting up eight’ times after only falling 7 makes sense, but yeah OK. Being put this way reminds us to at least consider the possibility, doesn’t it?😜


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