Before the Ball Drops!

20 thoughts on “Before the Ball Drops!”

    1. Bravo Wendy. I trust you have been and will be your highest and best as time moves forward. We are, as only we can be in the moment. We learn. We grow. And on we go. As Maya Angelou said: “When know better, we do better.” And…so it is. The magic begins right where we are right now. So, as the ball drops in a few hours, we are ready to enter the journey of 365 opprtunities. Peace Be Still***

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      1. That is so true Jen.. very inspiring! Yep – onward and upward in 2017.. I’m making it a year of change and a year to remember! Wishing you the very best too! x

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  1. I love it! It is uplifting yet calm. And I just want to add: I think the “yo” was a nice little detail that reduced the sense of seriousness poetry can sometimes have. I think it is cool when people take themselves seriously in the sense of respecting themselves and their ability – but at the same time in a different way have a relaxed attitude towards themselves.

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