Not 2B Missed!

30 thoughts on “Not 2B Missed!”

    1. Hi Debbie. Thanks for leaving a comment. I always love receiving them. And if you follow my hodgepodge of age old (collected) wisdom, I’m chuffed to know what I’ve picked up down through the years is of benefit. Happy New Year…each and every day!

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  1. Oh so true Jen.. There’s a few people I’m ‘not going to miss’ or waste any further energy over.. Just a few loose ends to tie up and then I’ll never be thinking of them again! Onward and upward for 2017 is definitely my order of the day! Thanks for the great reminder to ‘move on and live in the now’ Wishing you a magical 2017 too. x

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    1. I apologize for missing your reply post. For some reason it landed in my Spam section for goodness sakes. I am happy to drop by your blog. I love blog hopping, and appreciate your stopping by Sparkyjen. I will be reading more on your blog shortly. Highest and Best!


  2. From on Jen to another–exceptional advice! I am going to get on it Right This Second! We may not have control of what goes on around us, but we do control our reactions. 2016 was heavy for countless people. So let’s stop carrying it around, shall we? Thanks for lifting me up and holding me accountable today!! 💕💕

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    1. I’m with you Carl on the getting older part. I have found that feeling resentful has an adverse effect on my overall quality of life. Maybe we both have found better ways to utilize the energy it takes to resent our bygones. Highest and Best!

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  3. This was absolutely encouraging! I needed to read this more at this moment, than I did at the start of the year, so I am glad that I am just now discovering you and your writings. I needed the positive reminder. Thank you! God Bless! ❤

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  4. The final thought was a good closing, also that is why when healers do work they recommend replacing the areas that were not in good health with something healthy so that the negative doesn’t grow in again.

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