Just Add Water!

26 thoughts on “Just Add Water!”

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  2. Oh Jen… you always make serious topics fun. It is funny how we all go for it, and that it is important.

    My life slowed down due illness in the family. I love a slower life. I sometimes wander how did I do the crazy hours before, was it even me.

    Jen, I am holding a blogging party this weekend. Would be fab to have there even for a little bit. And if you monetise your sight before the party..

    Here is the save the date invite

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  3. What a smart way to say “Please slow down”.With an empty nest,it is just me and the dog and the cats since my husband of 50 + years passed ,I can tell you sloew is the way to go. Unless ther is an emergency …then step to it.

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  4. Jen, I absolutely LOVE this post!! The concept, the message and the way you formatted it. All superb😊 so happy we found each other and now I will dive into more of your posts. Great job on this one my friend, I’m happy you found some peace and balance😁✌❤

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      1. Yay!!! Thank you and me 2….I’m hooked! I forgot how much I love a stage. I too studied all forms of dance and was Broadway bound in my youth. Now I’m exploring the stage in a new way and I love it🥰

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    1. Thank you. I’m chuffed you found ‘Add Water’ both topical and true. Living a simpler life means different things to different people. Some feel they need to be busy. Others are busy because they want to be, while still others are busy because they don’t know how to simply, kindly, say No! Whichever suits & serves. Whichever suits and serves, go for that! Thanks for your kind comment. Highest and Best!!! 💥


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