The Mamba Mentality!

8 thoughts on “The Mamba Mentality!”

    1. Hopefully, you’ve reckoned that this post was written to show how a sporting life lived to its fullest can be of help to others who choose to live fiercely, passionately, and competitively, even when one is gone.

      Kobe Bryant retired around age 38, slowed his pace, spent quality time with his beloved wife and daughters, gathered a legacy-building team he could depend on, and undertook a few more projects dear to his heart. My research showed that he let his main squeeze of championship basketball 🏀 go, and often commented how he didn’t miss it because he wanted to venture out in other directions, mostly focused on helping to achieve goals for his family, especially his daughters. He was very happy, making his new priorities as efficient, and stress-free as possible. Simpler!

      I suspect he was asked to do a lot of things related to his past career, but kindly advised of his new (streamlined) plans, and that was that. I definitely believe in many ways before his recent death, Kobe had added 💦. ☺️💥😉


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