Nuthin’ Special About The Weekend!?

17 thoughts on “Nuthin’ Special About The Weekend!?”

  1. These days so many people are working 12 hours rotating shifts(like myself) that any day can be the weekend.
    With that been said rest is something I’m trying to get better with and make a priority.

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  2. So many points in this post resonated with me! I grew up in a household in which making good, productive use of one’s time was highly-valued. I’m glad me and my siblings learned this, but, its only been in recent years that I’ve been able to give myself permission to learn “the art of doing nothing,” to enjoy spending a day in my pajamas without feeling lazy and guilty! Thanks again, Sparkyjen!

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  3. I’m at a point in my life that I appreciate just waking up in the morning!
    Now I also understand the health benefits of sleep and rest because without it you won’t be in any shape to complete the want too’s are have too’s!
    When I was young and single my priorities were a lot different!!
    (I think that commit speaks for itself.)

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  4. Oh so true Jen.. with our new ‘technological world, shops being open 24 hours per day etc. it can be difficult to admit you just need ‘a rest’.. I couldn’t agree more.. having suffered ill health as a result of working ridiculously long hours, I’ve eventually learned my lesson and am much better at shutting off now than I used to be! Great post and great reminder – thank you! x

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    1. Your comments are always so welcome Wendy. I especially enjoyed reading the part about ‘shutting off,’ because it’s a dandy phrase, as well as just the sensory prompt we all need to resonate with. BAM!

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      1. Thanks Jen – and your posts are always brilliant and thought provoking so well worth a comment! Wham Bam Thank You Maam! (as we say here in the UK.. haha)! x

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      2. A woman after my own heart Jen! Not that I always get those old sayings quite right – much to the delight and hilarity of my family and much teasing ensues! x

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  5. I used to go, go ,go until I crashed for the whole weekend but it is more balanced now. I hate having every minute of every day planned but can go too far over to the relaxed side and get stressed with last minute rushes.Wish you enough…

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