Truth Moment Monday!

22 thoughts on “Truth Moment Monday!”

  1. Oh brilliant – I love that story and it fits in perfectly with my blog post on the Law of Attraction series this week – would you mind if I re-blog this as it aligns perfectly?

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  2. There is remarkable wholeness in the struggle. In the struggle, we are burnished to shine, to emerge more victoriously and stronger than we ourselves could imagine. The struggle is real; it is brutally and beautifully real. Thank you, my sister. Continue.

    In the struggle,

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  3. Reblogged this on BRILLIANCE WITHIN and commented:
    Sparky Jen always gives me some food for thought with her posts and this weeks ‘Truth Moment Monday’ post resonated perfectly with my Law Of Attraction post. Jen illustrates why sometimes we need to experience a ‘struggle’ in life, with a brilliant story about a butterfly… Well worth a read and pop across to Jen’s blog as her posts are always inspiring!

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  4. Totally agree a struggle is needed sometime to find and even develope beauty and strenght of character… and this when reflecting on life, and seeing benefit in everything -including the horrible, makes us realise the beauty of a struggle. Nice share loved this

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  5. What a beautiful story. How kind the man thought he was being, but how wrong he was. Facing the struggle seems to be a bit of a theme this week. Synchronicity working at its best I feel. We all need a reminder like this every so often. Thank you x

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  6. Hi Jen, found my way here via Wendy’s reblog and so happy I have. Absolutely loved this as it resonates so much with where I’m at, right now in my life. A great read to wake up to today, thank you.

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    I love this poem and although struggles are challenging I’ve known they are for the best in the end. I have seen that to be true in the past and I know that to be true now. I haven’t gotten to the point to welcome my struggle as a doorway to growth. I know say, “Thank you for giving me this struggle because I know I am going to use it for something better, for growth, so thank you.”

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