Musically Motivate Your Spirit…RETUNE YOUR SOUL!

15 thoughts on “Musically Motivate Your Spirit…RETUNE YOUR SOUL!”

    1. Hello and thank you so much for visiting today. I especially appreciate receiving your comment.

      I was blessed to visit your blog earlier today. We both have up and coming skills, don’t you agree??

      Happy posting. Hope to visit with you again soon!


    1. Rod Stewart spoke to passion in a song of the same name. You may or may not have ever heard of him.

      I mention his song because it ran across my mind while reading your reply.

      Thanks for visiting, and commenting. I hope to maintain this passion as I learn and grow with our wonderful blogging community.

      We are all blessed to be at WordPress!


  1. Every morning before my day starts I choose a song or CD according to my mood to set the pace for the rest of my day. But I have found that if I change to something more upbeat or uplifting it changes my whole core. My written word has a lot to do with the music I’ve been listening to that day and visa versa. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on that.

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    1. How wonderful. Thanks for sharing this Chanty. I love music too. I also like to dance.

      The right mood is essential if we want to live our highest and best lives. We are blessed to have music. Everybody may not dance in their car, but I even do that someimes, especially when stuck in traffic!

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    1. Thanks Michele. ‘It Is Well With My Soul’ is a special song with a special soul-soothing message. It sets our spiritual selves apart from what may be going on in our physical space right now. Be Safe. Stay healthy! 🤗

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