Worldwide Beautiful!

10 thoughts on “Worldwide Beautiful!”

  1. Thank you for introducing me to this wonderful artist 🙂 I like bluegrass but I haven’t been keeping up to date with my country lately. Love the message and love the lyrics. Had to find them.

    “You’re missing every color, if you’re only seeing black and white / Tell me how you’re gonna change your mind if your heart’s unmovable / We ain’t that different from each other / From one to another, I / Look around and see worldwide beautiful…”

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  2. Powerful words you write. Powerful song you share. We are all children of one God. We discriminate to feel better than the other, for we are empty inside. If we fill ourself up inside, would it matter where we live. For our inner glow would make the world a better place for all..

    My humble thoughts.

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