Truth Moment Monday!

12 thoughts on “Truth Moment Monday!”

    1. When I was composing that sentence, I suddenly realized this is exactly how I feel when I cry. I get my tears all out, blow my nose, and get back to doing what I was put here to do. 🪔


  1. Hi Jen, Some people grow up with no encouragement, it is so good to have someone who has your back, always giving them a cheer, reminding them that they can achieve their dreams and helping them to jump the hurdles. Repeating the affirmations help as well.

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    1. It must be pretty sad for those who grow up yearning to be encouraged, cheered up, and cheered on. We all need to be acknowledged, affirmed and reminded that we can. Here’s hoping no one grows fully up to adulthood without having a “corner person.” This makes all the difference. It takes away lots of second-guessing, and not feeling good enough.

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