Truth Moment Monday!

16 thoughts on “Truth Moment Monday!”

  1. Yes I do live this way.
    Little story…years ago my friend, who had been my maid of honor in our wedding, came for an afternoon visit. I was pg with our #3 son and needless to say we didn’t have much. She brought her sister with her and we had a great visit. Several days or maybe a week later she called and said her sister was still trying to figure out why I was so happy with ‘not much’ and they weren’t with all they had. It is an age old question everyone has to figure out for themselves. Thank you for the reminder to keep it simple.

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    1. Thanks for sharing. Yours is one very special proof that we can live simply, AND be happy doing so. Plus, we can teach others along the way, which in my opinion gives us more purpose. Having purpose is priceless! 👏🏾

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    1. Yes, it does have its perks Michele. However, nothing I’ve ever researched suggests we take on a more simplistic lifestyle all at once.

      In my opinion, it depends on where we each are coming from, how we’ve been accustomed to living.

      As with any “slim down” effort, we start from a place of acceptance. This is where we are right now.


      Then we consciously decide what still serves us in a stress-less way, and what doesn’t. We might also look at what we can stand to lose, what we really will NOT miss.

      From here (keeping our thoughts in the present tense), we consciously decide what we see ourselves gaining. How much (specifically) are we (visualize here) looking forward to gaining in our more simple existence?

      Finally, we must take into account the “space” we will be creating for ourselves, and be careful not to fill it with anything that puts us right back when we started.

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