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  1. Wow! Your blog is so refreshing. I love what you share and write in your blog posts. I’ll sure be coming back and I’m looking forward to reading more from you!

    All the best,


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    1. Giulia…

      Thanks so much for visiting today. I really appreciate your comment, as I do enjoy blogging.

      May we both continue to uplift and inspire.

      Pleased to become more acquainted in future.

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  2. Wow! I like you Sparkyjen๐Ÿ˜Š I can’t wait to have a sparky good time reading of and getting to know you better. Thank you for your comments and following me…I’m sure I’m going to enjoy and grow a great deal being near the spark.

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    1. I like you too Chanty. Today won’t be the last time I visit you, or leave a comment on your blog either. Isn’t it fun making a new acquaintance?

      We both have much to share! Personally, I’m curious to see some of your hairdressing techniques.


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    1. You are very welcome.

      Remember I found you at the Community Pool. May I suggest you continue to make your wishes known there. You may consider frequenting your Reader. Search: Author Tags.

      May I also suggest reblogging and ping-backs?!

      I noticed that some bloggers also post challenges, awards, and giveaways. Just some additional mentions!

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  3. You area dementia reminiscence coach? I once was a medical social worker and for five years worked with the elderly. I used Naomi Fines (sp?) Validation Therapy (I also use it in my classroom, but my students don’t realize). I’d love to hear more about your work as a dementia reminiscence coach. I can imagine that it would be similar to what I once did for my clients.

    Amazing blog. Very inspiring. I’ll be back to read more!

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    1. Hi Calico Jack…Glad you like my blog. It’s a work in progress, and I’m having a ball with it. I also love being a Reminiscence Coach. I spend quality time with persons who have dementia. They are a fabulous bunch. Since long term memory stays almost wholly intact, I strive to prompt them to recall memorable events from their lives. Together we bring these gems forward into the present moment where more quality thoughts are often needed. I do this with all types of sensory tools, which include lots of goodies from their younger years. Naomi Feil was a great help some years ago when I saw her in person when she visited a Memory Care unit in a monastery. She believes in raising the quality of life for our elders, with and without dementia. So do I. I suspect your students benefit as well, since Naomi also believes in teaching our younger generations how to care. Great lady!

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      1. I loved working with older adults, especially the demented. They were some of the most rewarding experiences I’ve ever had. Do you have any blog posts about your work? I would love to read about it.

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  4. You commented on my blog a while ago. Okay, along time ago and I never checked out your blog! I was not a good blogger back then. *tuts at my self*

    Hello ‘Spark Plug’. You blog seems really great. The energy and electricty you get through to your readers is really amazing!

    I’m definitely following, I hope we become aquantices or friends. Your blog is different. Inspirational. Motivational. And yet you are free to read all opinions. This is truly a perfect blog, well done!

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    1. Thanks for having a look at my blog. I believe if a body is going to take the time to publish, give it your highest and best. It is my hope to always lift and inspire. It’s much appreciated that you witnessed I am giving my all to doing that. Much appreciated!

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  5. Heya..! I hope you are doing great, and everything is going amazing on your end… Today I wanted to take sometime and – THANK YOU…! For visiting my blog and engaging on my posts ( http://www.theinspirationalbeing.com – Diary that Speaks)….!

    I know I don’t engage more on your posts, but I do acknowledge your presence on my blog..! I would like to know more about you…! and also I would love to know what topics you love to read on my blog, so I can share it more frequently..!

    I hope your time is utilized at the best, on my blog..! Have a great day ahead..!

    Abdul Gani Punjabi

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    1. Abdul, I like your blog exactly like it is. It seems you already touch on things that I find worth my time to read, and as you mentioned in a recent post, stimulate my mind.

      It seems that you have already visited my About Page. Itโ€™s chocked full of shares about me personally, as are my blog posts. May I kindly suggest that you read thru the lines when it comes to the posts, because the subject matter is quite telling.

      If I havenโ€™t personally lived it, I donโ€™t write about it. I suspect you are much the same. My posts are me!

      Enjoy your weekend. Thanks for stopping by!๐Ÿ˜Š

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